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Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engineering College. This institution is situated in the financial capital of India, Mumbai (Bombay). Established in 1983 on a small scale, this college now boasts of a new 7-storeyed aesthetically designed structure, with very well-decorated interiors. Nevertheless, the teaching standards and results have constantly been on the up-swing. The college has now lined up in the queue of being one of the best colleges in Maharashtra, both in terms of the facilities provided, as well as in the results produced over the last few years.

To keep up with the current industry requirements, the college has also started a Computer Division, along with the existing Electronics and Construction branches. The college also has a sister-instituion for Diploma courses.

University Affiliation
The institution is affiliated to the University of Mumbai, which is one of the most prestigious universities in India. The University has a sprawling campus at Kalina (in Mumbai), which can be termed as a mini-educational village.

Our Objective

The Motive behind this page
The main purpose of this page is to help revive and maintain contacts with the numerous friends made during one's stay of four years in the college. It is with these very friends, that we spend the most crucial years of the life, supporting each other in their thick-and-thin, complete journals, give exams, and of course, enjoy life to the fullest. Certainly, to keep the friendships alive and fresh, it is necessary to keep in touch with their pals, who may have been scattered all over the world, after turning into successful professionals in their fields.

Our approach
To help remain in touch, we came out with the idea of maintaining a database of all the passed-out students of the college, batch-wise. This will not only help in providing their e-mail addresses at one go, but will also help in remembering the good old days of our college, when a similar list for attendance would always be filled up with proxies for the absenting pals :-)
Also, to keep memories afresh, we will provide the group photographs of all the batch-mates! We will also provide links to their personal e-mail and homepage addresses, to make the journey easier

The Discussion Board
This place is like a Graffiti wall seen in the canteen, or more frequently on the classroom benches! Or even our black-board, which we always conveniently used as a Personal Notice Board!! You may read messages posted by other friends, and if you so desire, you may Reply to that message, for him and others to see. In this way, we can have a virtual discussion amongst any number of people. Those not from this institution may also take part in the discussions here.

Your Responsibility
To make this page useful and updated, I ask of you to keep me informed about any changes or additions to the contact information of you/your colleagues listed on these pages. This can be done by simply filling the provided form. And a word of thanks, if this place proved useful to you, would be good enough to encourage me to keep up with this work!

Student Information

Friends of the 1990 batch (Electronics)

Friends of the 1991 batch (Electronics)

Friends of the 1992 batch (Electronics)

Friends of the 1993 batch (Electronics)

Friends of the 1994 batch (Electronics)

Friends of the 1995 batch (Electronics)

Friends of the 1996 batch (Electronics)

Friends of the 1997 batch (Electronics)

Friends of the 1998 batch

Friends of the 2000 batch

Friends of the 2002 batch

Friends of the unknown batches (Electronics)
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The Discussion Board

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Shah & Anchor Kutchhi Engg. College
Near Dukes Factory,
Waman Tukaram Patil Marg,
Chembur, Mumbai - 400 088

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Dr. S. S. Maneck

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