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MailServ Intranet & E-mail Solution

"The ideal Network Connectivity Solution that slashes your communication costs"

  • Send e-mail within your organisation, across your offices/branch as easily as the rest of the world is doing.
  • Internet's World-wide reach to stay in touch with employees, customers and important contacts anywhere.
  • Online Shopping.
  • Data Transfer across your offices
  • Internet Sharing
  • Low Cost and Maintenance
MailServ is a World standard Internet Email and Intranet solution. MailServ is a scaleable and cost-effective communications system that offers easy and reliable Internet and Intranet email access for everyone on your network from their desk. It allows you to connect your offices and people without having your own dedicated network and leased lines. MailServ is the data communications platform for your entire organisation which offers personalised mailboxes ( for everyone in the company. Offline access to your email reduces connect-time. Out going and In coming email can be scheduled as per your requirement.

Your emails can be accessed from anywhere via Internet. MailServ includes domain management and transient mail storage, Single domain across multiple offices. Email Ids can assigned independent of your office location. Mailserv offers automated connectivity to the Internet via your local ISP and Internet access for all LAN users via single phone line and single Internet TCP/IP account. MailServ also offers Dial-In support for Windows and your local Intranet web servers across your offices. Mailserv also allows your organisation to transfer files across offices via Internet and direct dialing facility. In fact, with MailServ you actually become a mini-ISP!

MailServ also offers you option to have Online shopping facility locally and on Internet. All these facilities at a fractional cost compared to similar solutions from other vendors!

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