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NTT India provides a plethora of services, that gives total Internet and Intranet Solutions to you from just one place!

Here are the list of activities we are currently engaged in:

Virtual Server Hosting

NTT India has largely been into hosting services over the last two years, on our Top Quality High Speed Dedicated Servers situated in USA. Full-featured Website Hosting is provided by means of variety of packages, which are designed keeping the common requirements in view. We can also build a custom package for you, if you feel your requirement does not fit well in our current plans. Our strong 200 MHz Linux machines, with latest Apache Webserver software coupled with Microsoft Frontpage Extensions, makes an ideal combination for hosting hundreds of sites seemlessly. click for more

Dedicated Server Sourcing & Admnistration
If your requirement demands a complete dedicated machine for yourself, for want of enormous resources, or for the need of having total control over the entire computer, we provide dedicated servers to you from a huge variety of processors, RAM, hard disks and traffic limits (or may we call `limitless'!). Just send in your requirements, and we will be happy to suggest the best plan suiting your need and economy.

Web Site Designing
We have with us, a creative team of young designers, who clearly understand the newest trends in website development, and apply the same in their work with utmost sincerity. They will discuss with you, and suggest their ideas and viewpoints, and work with you with a unique concept behind every site, which will effectively help you develop a truly professional image of your company, open to visitors world-wide. Remember that you are show casing your company to the whole world through the Internet. Your website is going to be the starting point of making a good reputation.

E-Commerce Solutions
This is definitely the trend in the near future. India is not far behind from online shopping and credit card payments. And we have already got the resources to provide you with the E-Shop! Secure Sockets Layer, Catalogues, Shopping Carts ... you name it, and we have it! We have already setup a few E-Shops for selling Books, Music CDs, cassettes, etc. When are you opting for a Virtual Shop? click for more

Corporate Internet & Intranet Solutions
Make your life easy at the office. Get rid of traditional methods of Information Flow. This is the electronic age, and we realise that any Information is vital, only as long as the message contained in it is upto date, valid and reaches its destination on time! This however does not mean that you need to allot half of your financial budget for this. In fact, in the long run, you would infact be saving up on the existing expenditure, after powering your progressive corporate setup with Intranet & Internet Solutions.

Porting Databases to the Web
If your corporate house utilised a manual system which deals with your suppliers, accepting orders for your finished goods from your dealers, and all the processing that takes place between these two stages, you can do the same through semi-automated means, to make your (and in turn associate's) life much easier. Allow your associates to connect to your system through the web, and let them key-in their orders, view your stock positions, etc. They will be more than happy to do the work for you, while they receive immediate upto date information at their own suitable time. All this, at of course, no compromise on your data security.

Consultation on Cybercafe & Zonal Internet Access Points
We firmly believe that Internet is the single most important phenomenon since the invention of the Telephone, which has affected human lifestyle to such a large extent. Needless to say, any person who has got used to an Internet lifestyle will never be at ease without having Internet Access at his disposal, wherever he is. When out of office or home, while on tour, one must have access to his day-to-day affairs, and issues that matter him the most. Internet is the only means for this. Nevertheless, Cybercafes have an unending importance to such `People On The Move'. Also, providing global interaction to far-off cities, and towns, who have yet been out of the Internet Map, also are an astounding market for setting up a remote Internet access point. Such numerous access points will make India a truly well-connected and upmarket country. We will help you achieve this, if you have the required resources.

Since it is not possible to explain the vast prospects in having an electronic presence, do write in to us, if you wish to us consult for any projects on similar lines. We will be very glad to share our ideas and views with you, or provide you consultation and technical expertise on such projects.

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