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MailServe Intranet WebServer

Purpose of the Webserver
To allow local branch offices/associates to provide information as required, to the zonal office, and to forward the same data zone wise, to the Headquarters, with minimum delays, cost and human interference

The above purpose can be realised by setting up computer nodes at the zonal offices, where the local offices/associates are expected to submit their data. The computer node will accept incoming calls on modem and provide an interface to the companies to upload their data files. These data files will be stored on the zonal node, and the data will be available to the office staff for records. In this way all the nodal offices, will collect the data from the local offices/associates.

This data will then be supplied to the headquarters, as required. For this, each of the node will dial into the headquarters via STD call, with a specific login and password to access the computer network, and transfer the desired data to the headquarters. This procedure will be carried out automatically at pre-defined intervals, with minimum human involvement.

Interface for transferring data is provided by means of commonly used FTP software used for similar purposes on the Internet. Email facility can also be optionally provided to staff members of the enterprise, through this setup. Interface to E-mail Services will be provided using standard SMTP and POP3 protocol, which is compatible with almost all commonly available E-mail clients like Eudora, Pegasus, Outlook Express, etc.

Other facilities may include public announcements to all callers on the nodes at individual centres, regarding news/policy updates and any other information in their interest. This will reduce the time period is circulating the same information through traditional methods like postal mail, at almost no cost.

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