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Make your Corporate House, a Global Entity!

The Need
More and more companies are turning to the net for making a global presence. The Internet is rapidly evolving as an economical and an effective medium to tap the international as well as local markets. With the net, the right people related to your field of work can reach you effortlessly. Its an ideal method to showcase your company setup, and your line of services.

With your own webpages or websites, you can reach millions of people in the world, which may include a1 good number of potential buyers to your services. Advertising and publicity through the internet is a very economical and cost-effective way, among all other media. Consider an amount to the order of a few lakhs expended daily for advertising on a TV Channel, for a mere 10 seconds slot, which is viewed by just a few thousand people at a given time (or maybe some of them, if not all, just switched to another channel to skip the commercial break containing your ad!).

And now think about being available online on the Internet 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. All this, for a minute fraction of the cost of that same 10 second slot. Through Internet, you can help the right class of people reach you. The very fact that you have visited our website proves that business on the Internet works!

You also have the opportunity to let out information about your company, its past and present activities, the laurels earned by it, etc. You can also exhibit your range of services that you can offer to the global clientele. Apart from all these, it is also a matter of class. It is a status symbol for your company to be on the net. It reflects on the credibility of your company, and puts you into a higher light. You can then say to the world that "Yes! We are upto date and on-line!!!"

We are sure you must have now realised the clear-cut advantages of getting your Corporate house on-line.

We bet your company has an e-mail address by now. But have a close look at it. Does it sputter out some long senseless ugly code like gias**** or something even worse like (eeks!) With your own Website, you can have smart e-mail addresses like, or if you prefer using our domain name. It gives your clients a feeling that you are no longer dependant upon the monopolists for your primary communication needs!

The Procedure
Now, in order to have your own homepages, we are here to help you out. To have a homepage, one needs to code the pages in a language called HTML. This file is created locally on an PC. It has then to be transferred to a server on the internet, where your file(s) will be stored in a secure location. This file(s) can now be accessed by others on the internet, by typing the address of your homepage (which will be assigned to you).

Now you may say that how the hell will people know your website address (called URL). This can be done by supplying your homepage information to the many search engines available on the net (like Yahoo, Webcrawler, Infoseek and so many others ......). By this, a person just types in some information like your company name, your business specialisation, or literally anything that links to your field of interest to the search engine and lo! Your webpage address comes up, and after getting the required information about your company, he can get in touch with you.

Getting on to work ...
We have been taking up the designing of Webpages for the Internet for quiet a while now, at probably the cheapest rates available anywhere around.
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