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The Need
Personal Homepages??? Where does personal stuff have place on the Internet? Isn't Internet something only for the Business Houses? Well ..... not really! Internet is a global community, not meant just for business, but also for Personal Interaction with fellow beings on the net around the globe. Ask yourself these questions, and you will realise its importance.

Have you ever felt the need of making a global presence?
Have you ever felt the need of being accessible to the world at the touch of finger-tips?
Have you ever felt the need of making your mark on the information super-highway?
Have you ever felt the need of being talked about by others on the internet?

If your answer to any of these questions is positive, then this page is just made for you!
If not, still continue reading-on, and we are damn sure you will answer positive to ALL these questions :-)
We bet you have your own e-mail address by now. But tell us, how many people can find you by your on the internet, without knowing your e-mail address? Due to this, your reach to the netizens, and vice-versa is limited only to those who already know you. Imagine one of your long last pals who has been abroad for years, and is waiting to get across you by e-mail. How does he find you now? Here comes the solution to this problem ..........

Advantage of a Homepage over just E-mail
You can now go truly global by having a homepage of yourself on the Internet. You may provide information about yourself (yes, you can blow your own trumpets here!), talk about your likes/dislikes (to attract the right audience), distribute your e-mail address (to avoid finding an empty mailbox each morning!), and of-course, if you are an up-coming programmer, you may also distribute your painstakingly written `unique' software to the world (which otherwise would have found no takers).

Apart from that, you can offer to the world, the best of what you find on the internet; be it some cool software links, or some great info. You may soon develop many like-minded friends across the web and obtain the best out of the net by exchanging precious information.
Now isn't this something much much better than just talking a bunch of jokers you very frequently come across in IRC? (believe me, more than half the guys in IRC are just weird in their behaviour!)

The Procedure
Now, in order to have your own homepages, we are here to help you out. To have a homepage, one needs to write the pages in a language called HTML. This file is to be created locally on an PC. This file has then to be transferred to a server on the internet, where your file will be stored in a secure location. This file can now be accessed by others on the internet, by typing the address of your homepage (which will be assigned to you). Now you may say that how the hell will people know your homepage address (called URL). This can be done by supplying your homepage information to the many search engines available on the net (like Yahoo, Webcrawler, Infoseek and so many others ......). By this, a person just types in your name in the search engine and lo! Your homepage address comes up, and he can gate-crash into your page! :-)
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